Janice Curtis - SC Senate District 8

I am a Republican, strong advocate for anti-abortion legislation, strong gun advocate, and protecting our borders.

 During this time of back-slapping good ole boy politics in Columbia, I am excited to announce my candidacy for the SC Senate District 8. I bring fresh ideas and positive solutions to our District 8.  The current occupant has served in this capacity for the past 8 years. During these 8 years he has accomplished a gas tax hike, 32% pay increase for our failing SCDOT director, our teachers continue to teach in overcrowded classrooms, unfunded mandates for our school districts and elementary teachers are not even allowed a break.

I can recall the time that I was first elected as Mayor of Simpsonville, SC. I was seated with the current SC Senator at dinner.  I asked if he had voted for the hike in gas tax, his response floored me.  He said "yes I did and if they don't like it, they can vote me out".  Needless to say I was shocked.  That response is now the driving force behind my candidacy.  Not only did he vote for the gas tax hike, under the guise of needed road repair, a 32% pay increase went to the SCDOT head!  YES this really happened.

We, the taxpayers of South Carolina, are sick and tired of potholes and decaying roadways.  Under the current leadership our State has paid out millions, of our tax dollars, to repair automobiles that are damaged because of our dilapidated roadways.

I have worked hard to accomplish some great things in Simpsonville, SC and I want the opportunity bring the same hard work to our State District 8, as your Senator.


  • In 2017 to help pay for road improvements, our Legislators passed a law to raise SC gas tax incrementally over 6 years.
  • As of July 2019, the Gas Tax has raised more than $700 million and yet we still have decaying roads.
  • Some of our state's poorest citizens are being used by predatory lenders. Some lenders are charging as much as 400% interest. Of note--some of our State Legislators have received campaign contributions from these lending institutions.



"Janice Curtis is a bold servant-leader who will respond to her constituents and work hard on our behalf.  We need more like her in Columbia to represent us." - Mayor Dennis Waldrop, Simpsonville - 17 years as Mayor, 20 years as Council Member  

"I consider Janice Curtis a friend and admire her as a leader.  With her solid conservative values, she leads by example while encouraging and inspiring others. Facing tough issues head on, she works with tireless energy and passion to find solutions that serve the best interests of our citizens. At this critical time in our state, Janice Curtis is the strong, principled representative that we need in our legislature." - Councilman Lou Hutchings. Simpsonville

"Janice Curtis is one of the most ambitious, hardworking women I know. She represents her city and state with dignity and professionalism, and she can be trusted to accomplish what others cannot. I wholeheartedly support her endeavor to become our next District 8State House Representative." - Sherry Roche’ - Simpsonville City Council

"Janice Curtis deserves and has earned my endorsement. She is a hardworking, dedicated public servant. Taxpayers, now more than ever need her in Columbia fighting for us." - Kemp Younts, Laurens County County Councilman

"Janice Curtis has a demonstrated commitment to doing what's right and standing up for the little guy. With a servant's heart and the courage of her convictions, she is a powerful advocate for everyday people." - Jennifer Hulehan, Simpsonville City Council

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Janice Curtis